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The Pennington African Cemetery (PACA) grounds are maintained lovingly by the family members of the interred. Since the last burial occurred in the 1960’s, many family members have moved from the area or are now deceased, causing a financial hardship on local relatives and community volunteers to manage the land. It can cost up to $25,000 a year in landscaping fees and headstone preservation costs. Your generous donation will be used for lawn mowing, snow and leaf removal, gardening, fence and flagpole maintenance and general projects to protect and beautify the land.

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The rich history of the lives interred in The Pennington African Cemetery is to be preserved and passed onto future generations within our entire community. So much can be learned by visiting and learning about the lives of those laid to rest on the PACA grounds. The souls of the men, women and children each paid a great debt to our society on a local and national level. To ask why our cemeteries were segregated by color in the 1800’s is just one step in unraveling a chapter in American history that largely goes unnoticed in our nations curriculum. To further explore the lives of the individuals who helped build The Pennington Community, a community that thrives today largely because of their struggle, is to peel back a layer of local history that can illuminate the complicated relationship of race relations in this country.

The Pennington African American Cemetery Educational Fund aims to teach the community about the rich heritage of the people on the grounds individually and as a community. Who were they? Where did they live? Where did the come from? What did they do for a living? Who among us still remembers their individual personalities? These are just some questions for children and adults to explore with the help of the PACA Educational Fund.


Remembering those on grounds of The Pennington African Cemetery will undoubtably illuminate painful aspects of our history from slavery to racial and social inequities among us today. Honoring them is the greatest gift we can give to future generations, so that the mistakes of our past may never be repeated. Celebrating their triumphs, contributions and resolve will help connect us all to their human spirit, underscoring that we all one human race living together,  demystifying differences and interacting as friends and neighbors for a better future.

All generous donations to the fund will be used to disseminate historically relevant information regarding The Pennington African Cemetery to the public, media and school systems on a local and national level.

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