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The Pennington African Cemetery held its annual Memorial Day Program Monday, June 29, 2023, directly after the PenningtonMemorial Day Parade. Community members gathered to listen to local clergy leaders and PACA Board Members reflect upon the significance of the Pennington African Cemetery. Kayla Turner, sixth grade student at The Pennington School read her poem, "I Come From" to attendees at the ceremony. 

I Come From

By: Kayla Turner

The Pennington School, 6th Grade

I come from a Jamaican dad.

Whose remedies mend “everything,”

And recipes that have my tastebuds

leaping with joy.

Brown-stew chicken,

Savory and spicy.

The variety of flavors caused me to wander


for more,

As I attempt to pick

Tangy specs of ginger out of my,

Small baby teeth.

I come from Detangler Combs

and boar bristle brushes.

Long nights of braiding,

And multi-colored bonnets.

Never able to do the same things with my


Like other people.

I come from using extra bananas,

To make banana bread,

Whose aroma fills the air as it rises

to a perfectly golden loaf.

The sweetness of the ripe bananas


with savory spices

Create a flavor eruption in every bite.

I come from a field with overgrown grass,

That brushes my ankles with each step I


From falling into the dirt

And reaching back up.

One girl provided support,

My sister, Brianna.

I come from long truck rides,

With my family of five.

Smushed into the backseat, tight,

Like a glove.

Driving until sundown,

No decided destination.

Just the road in front of us.

I come from flowing ink in my veins.

Writing is in my blood.

The melody of my heart,

Captured on paper,

Every single part.

Writing is a passion that can’t be topped.

I come from long summer days at the


The warm sun beaming on me,

As I walk across the grainy sand,

feeling it shifting in between

each of my chocolate-brown toes.

The sound of waves colliding with jagged


Creating a perfect environment of


I come from fighting to the death,

Next to a large powdered, white wig.

Who happens to be George Washington.

Listening to his commands,

Knowing I could be a man down,

Any second.

I come from a man

who’d been forced to fight a battle,

But was never deemed a hero.

At home,

just being celebrated by family,

A voice

never heard.

I come from a family of survivors,

Who persevere through everything,

Who keep living after being pierced in the


with the sword of life.

That makes me who I am,

Brave, Resilient, and Creative.

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